Our Ceph based storage appliances are a turn-key software-defined storage cluster that use multiple, integrated RISC based Micro Servers in a single 1-RU form factor.

scale out  

A highly scalable storage solution for mid and large scale enterprises and data centres, that allows you to start small and scale up to multi-petabyte capacities. As you scale up, performance, capacity and resiliency all increase at the same time.

simple to implement and manage

A turn-key software-defined storage appliance, incorporating a Ceph software cluster and a graphical, browser based management interface.

low power consumption  

A low power consumption of around 100~105-Watts per appliance - not much more than a desktop PC.

high availability  

Your data is automatically replicated across the cluster providing real-time, self-healing, auto-balancing capabilities without affecting availability. Multiple, integrated, hot-swappable MicroServers and hard drives, redundant switches and power supplies are employed.


arm on board Ceph based ambedded

Our storage appliances are suited to a variety of application stores including object storage, block storage and file systems for production, back-up and DR.


Revision B02, 2019-10-19